Volunteer Opportunities on RootsWeb

RootsWeb has the largest and best free genealogy community on the web because our community is committed to helping each other with shared passion for genealogy and family history. Whether you are an avid genealogist or a newbie, there is a place for you at RootsWeb! RootsWeb offers lots of volunteer opportunities for you to make a difference in the online genealogical world:

Upload and Share your Research

RootsWeb is a great place to search for those missing family lines because of community contributed research. If you have some genealogy material in database (excel or txt) format, you can upload them through our User-Contributed Databases page.

Has your family tree grown so big that you'd like others to see it? If so, please upload your GEDCOM files to the largest, freely accessible genealogical family tree repository in the world, RootsWeb's WorldConnect.

If your family tree is in its beginning stages, or you don't have a large genealogical database to donate, don't worry! By simply joining mailing lists, posting to message boards, adding your name to the RootsWeb Surname List, or submitting websites to RootsLink you are contributing to the RootsWeb Community!

Become a Mailing List or Message Board Admin

Don't have a database to upload, have the time to create and maintain your own genealogical website, or feel uncomfortable with the Internet? Become a mailing list admin! RootsWeb has over 40,000 mailing lists; each of these lists requires an administrator to function correctly. We have a great need for level-minded genealogists of all degrees to adopt the thousands of orphaned lists .

If you've ever been on RootsWeb.com or Ancestry.com, you've probably visited the Message Boards . Much like the mailing lists, each and every message board on RootsWeb.com needs a dedicated admin to function properly. If you love the Message Boards, become a Message Board admin! No special tools beyond a computer, e-mail and an internet connection are required to become an admin, and any registered user on RootsWeb can become an administrator for any available board. For more information on becoming a message board admin, click here.

Other Volunteer Projects hosted by RootsWeb

RootsWeb is also proud to host many of the websites for some chapters of major genealogical organizations and projects, including the USGenWeb Project, American Local History Network, American History and Genealogy Project, WorldGenWeb, and Daughters of the American Revolution websites. These are large organizations dedicated to gathering and uploading genealogical information region by region and cover locations around the entire world! These projects are not owned by RootsWeb, but are supported by RootsWeb because they are dedicated to collecting genealogical and historical information and putting it online free of charge. Contact the project you're interested in for volunteer information.