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We recommend Standard if this is your first submission. You can use the Advanced setup later to modify your options.

Terms and Definitions

GEDCOM is an acronym for GEnealogical Data COMmunications. Within the WorldConnect Project, "GEDCOM" indicates an individual family tree or file. A more detailed explanation of what a GEDCOM is, and how it is used within the WorldConnect Project, is available here.

When you create a GEDCOM file, the fields containing information in your genealogy file (birth, marriage, baptism, etc.) are mapped to the appropriate GEDCOM tags (e.g., BIRT, MARR, BAPM). A listing of the most common tags and their definitions is available here.

When you upload your family tree, you are transferring a copy of your file to the WorldConnect Project. It does not alter or remove the family tree on your computer.

User Code
The person submitting a family tree chooses a unique user code to identify each family tree submitted. The user code appears in WorldConnect's search results, and becomes part of the URL (address) of the family tree.

More Terms and Definitions

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Below is a list of the most common problems reported:

GEDCOMs Won't Download
If you are using an older browser you will seriously want to consider upgrading to a current version of a supported browser. Our list of supported browsers can be found here.

Living individuals are still showing
If this is the case for your entire file, check your options on the advanced user setup/edit form, especially the cut-off date.

If your genealogy program shows dates with slashes, it is possible that WorldConnect has misread your dates. Try changing to a different date format and create a revised GEDCOM, then upload your file with the same user code.

Prior options for living individuals have changed
If your options for the living were set using the advanced user setup/edit form, they could change if you use the standard user setup/edit form for editing (such as updating your e-mail address). Go back into the advanced user setup/edit form and adjust the options.

User code and password not accepted
For new user codes, the most common cause of problems is using something other than letters, numbers, hyphens, or the underscore (underline) characters in the user code. Other reasons include: the user code you chose is already in use, there are spaces before or within the user code, or the user code is less than three characters long.

For existing user codes, the most common cause of problems for users is entering an incorrect user code or password. If you are told the user code or password you entered is incorrect, go to Password Central to verify both.

Notes are running together
Go into the advanced user setup/edit form and change the setting on "Fix buggy CONC usage" to yes CONC is a tag that means "continue with the previous text, and do not leave spaces").

Multiple GEDCOMs submitted; only one shows
You probably uploaded all the files with a single user code, which resulted in each file overwriting the previous one. Upload your files again, giving each a unique user code.

File wouldn't upload; nothing happened
Big files can take a long time to load, especially with slower dial-up connections or during peak usage times of the day. Please try again.

Again, users on older browsers will need to make sure they are up-to-date on a supported browser.

Updates/corrections are not showing
Changes you make are immediate, however the search function of WorldConnect is only updated once each day. It may take up to 24 hours for your changes to appear in searches.

If you uploaded a revised file, but did not use the same user code, it would result in two files. Check with Password Central to verify if you have more than one file.

If it pertains to just one person, do a search to verify that you do not have two entries for them in your file. Be sure both entries are updated.

Duplicate entries; duplicate files
There are several reasons duplicate entries, or files, could happen. If the duplicates are in the same file (same user code), check your genealogy program to see if an individual appears twice. Correct your file if applicable, create a new GEDCOM, and upload the revised copy.

If multiple entries are duplicated within the same file, the problem will generally be within your genealogy file itself. You may have downloaded a GEDCOM at some point and failed to merge the file properly, or there may be a feature on your software program for creating duplicate names (alternate name functions, for example). If this is the case, correct your file, create a new GEDCOM, and upload the revised copy.

Duplicate files are a result of uploading the same file twice, using two different user codes. Delete one file using the user setup/edit form . For more information on removing GEDCOMs or accounts, click here.

Omit blanks option isn't working
Occasionally the load on the WorldConnect server is quite high, and as a safety measure this option is temporarily shut off. You should try again later.

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