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We recommend Standard if this is your first submission. You can use the Advanced setup later to modify your options.

Terms and Definitions

GEDCOM is an acronym for GEnealogical Data COMmunications. Within the WorldConnect Project, "GEDCOM" indicates an individual family tree or file. A more detailed explanation of what a GEDCOM is, and how it is used within the WorldConnect Project, is available here.

When you create a GEDCOM file, the fields containing information in your genealogy file (birth, marriage, baptism, etc.) are mapped to the appropriate GEDCOM tags (e.g., BIRT, MARR, BAPM). A listing of the most common tags and their definitions is available here.

When you upload your family tree, you are transferring a copy of your file to the WorldConnect Project. It does not alter or remove the family tree on your computer.

User Code
The person submitting a family tree chooses a unique user code to identify each family tree submitted. The user code appears in WorldConnect's search results, and becomes part of the URL (address) of the family tree.

More Terms and Definitions

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Problem Solving
Standard Submission Form
Advanced Submission Form

If you are submitting a file, and you get an error report that does not appear here please contact our HelpDesk. Include as many details as possible when making an error report: what the error report said, what type of computer and browser you use, what type of genealogy program, the user code you used, the date/time of the error report, etc.

If you find an error in a file that you did not submit, please contact the person who submitted the family tree.

Error, please check abbrev tags during GEDCOM file export

Generally this is caused by GEDCOMs created with Family Tree Maker, where the abbreviated tag option was not checked. Step-by-step instructions are available here for the current version. For older versions of that software the "Indent Records" option should not be checked and the "Abbreviate Tags" option should be checked on the export dialog.

File doesn't seem to be a valid gedcom file, not processing: C:\PAF3\DATA\xxxx.paf

PAF files are not GEDCOM files. You need to create a GEDCOM file and submit it. GEDCOM files typically have a .ged or .GED extension.

Level=36 tag= File doesn't seem to be a valid gedcom file, not processing: c:\xxxx.ged Seems like an upload problem, file length is 0

The browser didn't send the file because it could not find it. Try using the browse option on the setup/edit form to indicate the location of your file, or check the path and filename you entered.

Level=0 tag=@S95@ (will vary) File doesn't seem to be a valid gedcom file, not processing: xxxx.ged

This means your computer uploaded a partial GEDCOM file that starts in the middle. It could be your ISP (server), modem bank, or general problems on the Internet. Users on older browsers will need to make sure they are up-to-date on a supported browser.

Processing Living: Processing GEDCOM file 216596 Level error Courand

This indicates that there is a ^M character (carriage return character) in your notes, in this example for Courand. Edit your note(s), create a revised GEDCOM file, and resubmit the file.

Need ACCWIZ.EXE. to open these files.

When downloading files, you should see a screen/box with two options: 1) Open this file from its current location, or 2) Save this file to disk. Choose the second option and save it as a separate file. After reviewing it, you can decide if you want to import it into your permanent genealogy file.

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