WorldConnect Files of Deceased Submitters

What happens to the file(s) if the submitter dies?

Most researchers do not want their lifetime of work to be destroyed -- they want it to be a legacy for their families and other researchers. Files submitted to the WorldConnect Project will remain on-line unless the family or executor of the estate removes the file(s) using the submitter's user code and password. RootsWeb will add a note to the file indicating that the submitter is deceased, unless the family or executor has used the submitter's user code and password to update the file with a current email address and has accepted responsibility for communications about the file(s).

What if there are errors in the file, or corrections need to be made?

RootsWeb does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of the file. We will not alter the file's content. You should use Post-em Notes to indicate any corrections or addendums -- just as you would for any other file in the WorldConnect Project.

What about copyright infringements, if the submitter is deceased?

RootsWeb will not censor legitimate research compiled from public domain information. Nor are we in a position to determine copyright issues. We presume that the submitter complied with our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) in determining what would be posted to the WorldConnect Project. The AUP was designed to protect your rights. You are certainly entitled to pursue a judgment from the courts against the submitter's estate. If you receive a judgment from the courts in your favor, we will of course immediately remove the file.

Will you remove information about living individuals, since the submitter cannot?

RootsWeb encourages submitters to exclude information on the living -- the default settings for WorldConnect include cleaning living persons from the file. For more information, see the WorldConnect FAQ Protecting the Privacy of the Living.