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We recommend Standard if this is your first submission. You can use the Advanced setup later to modify your options.

Terms and Definitions

GEDCOM is an acronym for GEnealogical Data COMmunications. Within the WorldConnect Project, "GEDCOM" indicates an individual family tree or file. A more detailed explanation of what a GEDCOM is, and how it is used within the WorldConnect Project, is available here.

Post-em Note
A Post-em Note enables you to help fill in a missing piece of information in an existing file. It is the electronic equivalent of a sticky note. You can attach your e-mail address, a link to another Web address, or other information to the record of any individual in WorldConnect. For a more detailed explanation of what Post-em Notes are, and how to use them, click here.

User Code
The person submitting a family tree chooses a unique user code to identify each family tree submitted. The user code appears in WorldConnect's search results, and becomes part of the URL (address) of the family tree.

More Terms and Definitions

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Changing Addresses

To edit your family tree, you will use either the standard or advanced User Setup/Edit form. These are the same forms used to submit your family trees.

  • If you do not remember your user code or password, you may retrieve them from Password Central.

  • You can change your display options at any time, without having to resubmit your family tree. Leave the location field blank if you are not uploading a new or revised GEDCOM file. Your changes will be applied to the existing file.

  • Updates and deletions are applied to your file immediately. The search function is updated once a day. New files, updates, and deletions may take up to 24 hours before they are applied to the search function.

  • If you used the advanced user setup/edit form for your last upload or update, you should continue to use that form. Your display options may change if you don't.

  • For a minor change (perhaps a correction to one individual), you may want to attach a Post-em Note and update the file later.

Updating your e-mail address
To update your address, overwrite the existing address and then scroll to the bottom and click on the "Upload/Update" button. Leave the location field blank, unless you are also uploading a revised GEDCOM.

For most users, there will be multiple areas within RootsWeb that need to know about your address change. Click here to learn how to update your address in other areas.

Removing individuals from your family tree
Other researchers may ask you to remove their name(s) from your file. You can remove specific individuals from your file, remove specific individuals and their descendants, or mark specific individuals as living by using the "individuals to remove" section of the advanced user setup/edit form. To learn more about this feature, click here.

Submitting a revised or updated family tree
Do not delete your existing file. Update your file in your genealogy program, and create a new GEDCOM file; upload the file using the same user code you did the previous time.

Post-em Notes will stay in the file, and attached to the proper person, as long as the program did not assign new ID numbers (most don't). You can get a listing of all the Post-em Notes attached to your file by going into Password Central and requesting the "WorldConnect GEDCOMs - User Codes (GEDCOM name) and Passwords" option.

Deleting Post-em Notes
You cannot edit Post-em Notes researchers have attached to your file, but you can delete them. You will use your password for the family tree to delete the Post-em Note, not the password of the person who added it. Deletions are done through the Post-em Edit form, not the WorldConnect user setup/edit form. To learn more about Post-em Notes, click here.

Deleting your GEDCOM
You may delete your family tree at any time using either the standard or advanced user setup/edit form . For more information on removing your account, or removing your GEDCOM, click here.

Changing User Codes
Changing your user code requires two steps. Go into the standard or advanced user setup/edit form and delete your existing family tree by choosing the "remove account" button at the bottom of the form. Then upload your file with the new user code.

Changing the password for your GEDCOM
You can change your password using the standard or advanced user setup/edit form . Overwrite your existing password with the new one.

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