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We recommend standard if this is your first submission. You can use the Advanced setup later to modify your options.

Terms and Definitions

GEDCOM is an acronym for GEnealogical Data COMmunications. Within the WorldConnect Project, "GEDCOM" indicates an individual family tree or file. A more detailed explanation of what a GEDCOM is, and how it is used within the WorldConnect Project, is available here.

When you create a GEDCOM file, the fields containing information in your genealogy file (birth, marriage, baptism, etc.) are mapped to the appropriate GEDCOM tags (e.g., BIRT, MARR, BAPM). A listing of the most common tags and their definitions is available here..

User Code
The person submitting a family tree chooses a unique user code to identify each family tree submitted. The user code appears in WorldConnect's search results, and becomes part of the URL (address) of the family tree.

More Terms and Definitions

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Creating A GEDCOM file
Standard Submission Form
Advanced Submission Form
You can submit your family tree to the WorldConnect Project via the Internet which is a five step process.

Step one:  Create a GEDCOM-format of your family tree. A GEDCOM will usually end with the extension of .ged (for example, YourFilename.ged). Check the users manual of your genealogy program, or click here if you need further instructions on creating a GEDCOM.

Step two:  Enter your choice of a user code and password for your family tree using the form in the side panel of this page, or follow the links on the main page for RootsWeb or the WorldConnect Project. To see a full-sized copy of the form, click here.

Each family tree you submit will need a unique user code. User codes are 3-16 characters (letters, numbers, hyphen, or underscore characters only), and cannot contain any spaces . It will be visible, as it becomes part of the address for your family tree. Your password will remain private. If someone else is using the code you select, you will see a notation "Password is incorrect for this user code." Simply enter a new user code should that happen.

Step three:   Choose standard or advanced setup. If this is the first family tree you have submitted to the WorldConnect Project, we strongly recommend you use the standard option. You can use the advanced setup/edit form to at any time to modify your options.

Step four:  The next screen (see below) will have your user code at the top. You will add your full name and your e-mail address. You will not need to indicate standard or advanced setup here, as this is a continuance of the previous screen.

Submission Form-Part Two
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The "Oops" button is for those who arrived at this page in error, or found they were not ready to submit their files yet. Clicking on the "Setup" button will take you to the setup form you chose.

Step five:  Complete the  standard setup or advanced setup forms.
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